Factors to Consider When Selecting Sobriety Coins

06 Dec

For an alcohol-addict, rehabilitation is not always an easy journey.  Gestures and anything else that could aid in their staying sober is usually very helpful.  Awarding soberness tokens to recovery group members who have hit major milestones in their journey is a universally applied method of letting them know to be proud of their achievements. For a medallion to have more meaning to its awardee, however, a lot of thought has to go into its choosing.   Below are a couple of factors you should have in mind as you search for the most suitable medallion.  

It's always a good idea to consider how easy you can find the design you pick if you are planning on regular purchases.  Giving all the people in a recovery support group equal and similarly designed tokens is always a good idea.  Seeing how different people like to celebrate varied milestones, it's always a good idea to choose a design that has a variety of options that reflect different times which we recognize that they have been sober for.   You also could try looking for a dealer who you can count on to have them ready for you when you want.   It's also a good idea to get a simple and common kind of token that you can easily find for when you can't reach your regular supplier. You can discover more tips for the best AA tokens or learn more tips for getting AA tokens.

Their cost should also be a factor you have in mind.  Support groups are often short on funds and no one expects the attendees to pay anything.   When you're just looking for a gift for someone, you could consider buying something a little more valuable to show them how worthy they are to you.  Finding a supplier or a designer who can provide these at really fair prices is one consideration you should have in mind.  You can ask people from other support groups where they find their tokens to see if it can be helpful.   The internet can also be helpful as you search for a good token store near you. You could also try ordering them in bulk to save on money.

Finally, you can consider the aesthetic nature of the medallions.  Picking something that people have to carry around should be carefully thought out.   Factors like the size and weight, their color and the message you want them to have should be thought of.   If you want them custom-built just for your group, you could try finding a designer or a supplier who does that.  If it's for a friend, having it designed to their preference is something you could think about. You can read more details on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/reflections-of-my-first-aa-meeting_us_5966fd3be4b051f16255e5f0.

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